Users, Tools, and Settings

Alright, partners! Strap on your web-spurs because we’re galloping headfirst into the thrilling world of WordPress Users, Tools, and Settings. This isn’t just a training; it’s the epic journey of you morphing from a novice into a bona fide WordPress whisperer.

Ready to learn the art of user management, or the wizardry of configuring admin settings? Fancy being able to back up or restore your site as easily as we can devour a Cornish cream tea? Then our series of bite-sized training videos has got your name written all over it!

We’ve got tutorials on everything – from conjuring personal data in and out of existence, to whipping plugins and themes into shape. We’ll also be your trusty guide through the mystical lands of site health and updates.

Listen, we understand that WordPress can feel like trying to navigate a roundabout in Truro during rush hour. But fear not! Like a Cornwall coastguard in a sea of confusing code, we’re here to make sure you’re safe and sound.

So, whether you’re a local business dabbling in the home services niche or a budding entrepreneur, join us on this adventure. Let Chrystopher James Marketing show you the ropes, and before you can say “Proper Job,” you’ll be ruling the WordPress world!

Users, Tools, and Settings

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