Media Library

Hello there, digital hoarders! Fancy managing your website’s media content without having a meltdown? Step right into our Media Library – the digital Swiss army knife for all things audio, visual, and downright spectacular.

With our bite-sized training videos, as charming as a Cornish pasty, you’ll master the fine art of adding, nixing, and glamming up images, videos, and audio files on your site quicker than a jackrabbit on a hot buttered griddle.

We’ll guide you on how to organise and secure your media library, akin to a Cornish pirate protecting his booty, ensuring your website is a well-oiled, smoothly running, and safe digital haven.

So why resign yourself to a jumbled media library that resembles a forgotten attic? Let us help you polish your website’s media with our easy-peasy tutorials that even a cat could follow (well, if it was interested in WordPress, of course).

Our Media Library training videos are tailored for Local Businesses within the Home Services Niche. Need to flaunt your work and services in a way that’s more captivating than a Poldark episode? We’ve got you covered. So let’s crack on, and bring some dazzle to your digital presence!

Media Library

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