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Social Media

Fancy a bit of digital schmoozing? Our Social Media services are just the ticket for that!

Social Media is like the new town square. It’s where you get to hobnob with your customers on a personal level – be it through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any platform. It’s particularly ace for Local Businesses in the Home Services Niche – like shining a beacon on your awesomeness, grabbing the attention of potential customers and giving your brand awareness a much-needed kick up the trousers.

We roll up our sleeves to help you create a compelling, and consistent social media presence, sculpted just for your business and target audience. From conjuring up captivating content to managing your virtual village, we’ve got all the tricks to make social media your new best pal.

So, put the kettle on and let’s get to work. Dive into the digital pool of social media with us and watch your business flourish.


Want to make your website the talk of the town and ensnare your audience’s attention in a way that’s more gripping than the season finale of the local soap opera? Enter our Videos service!

Videos are like the digital honey to the customer bees. They offer a brilliant way to flaunt your business, products, and services. It’s like a window display for Local Businesses within the Home Services Niche, giving your potential customers a peek into the magic you can conjure.

With our Videos service, we’ll help you whip up high-quality, professional videos that echo your brand’s unique character and message. From enchanting animations to captivating avatar videos, we’re geared up to create content that’ll dazzle your audience and leave your competition in the dust.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start rolling and create a blockbuster that represents your business like no other!


Want to zhuzh up your website and draw your audience’s attention like a treasure map? Get ready for our Content service!

Content is all about sprinkling your website with engaging and juicy tidbits that unveil your brand’s distinct personality and message. It’s like laying a trail of breadcrumbs for Local Businesses within the Home Services Niche, leading potential customers right to your doorstep.

With our Content service, we can assist you in crafting superbly articulated articles, blogs, and graphics that are tailored just for your business and target audience. From supercharging your SEO to dialling up engagement, we have the secret sauce to make your website irresistible.

So, roll up your sleeves and let’s whip up a delicious content feast that leaves a lasting impression on your audience and puts your competition in the shade!


Ready to give your brand a makeover that’s more stunning than the sunrise over the Cornwall coast? Say hello to our Design service!

Design is like giving your business a wardrobe makeover – it’s all about creating a look and feel that’s as unique as you are. For Local Businesses within the Home Services Niche, it’s the magic ingredient that sets you apart in the bustling marketplace.

With our Design service, we’re equipped to craft everything from eye-popping Business Cards to suave Email Signatures and Logos that mirror your brand’s identity. Our squadron of whizz designers will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your brand stands out and creates a stir amongst your customers.

Why settle for a humdrum, generic look when you can sport a brand image that’s truly you? Let’s get the ball rolling and create a brand that’s not just unforgettable, but unmistakably yours.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Fancy boosting your website’s visibility and attracting customers like bees to a flower? It’s time for our SEO service!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is akin to sprinkling digital fairy dust on your website. It propels your website to the top spots of search engine giants like Google. Perfect for Local Businesses within the Home Services Niche, it’s the golden ticket to winning new customers and building an online empire.

Our SEO service is ready to elevate your website’s on-page and off-page optimisation, build robust natural backlinks, and weave in local schema to turbocharge your local ranking. From enticing organic traffic to directing foot traffic to your store, we’ve got all the tools to launch your website into the stratosphere.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get cracking and ensure your website not only shines in the digital cosmos but eclipses the competition. With our SEO service, the sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the beginning!

PPC – Pay Per Click

Need a turbo-boost to skyrocket your website to new horizons? Our PPC service is ready to light the engines!

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, is the secret sauce for driving traffic to your website through the magic of tailored ads on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. For Local Businesses in the Home Services Niche, it’s like waving a giant neon sign, saying, “Hey, look at us, we’re fabulous!”

Our PPC service takes you by the hand, creating click-bait (in a good way) ads that will have your business and target audience intertwined like a pair of lovebirds. From mystical arts of keyword research to crafting the perfect ad, we squeeze every drop from your advertising budget to make sure your website becomes a customer magnet.

Don’t be a PPC naysayer, let’s crank up the ad engine and send your website to the stratosphere. With our PPC service, your dreams are the only limit!


Seeking a cozy, stable, and bulletproof home for your website? Say hello to our Hosting service!

Hosting is akin to offering your website a first-class ticket on the internet express. Local Businesses in the Home Services Niche, require a hosting service with the reliability of a Swiss watch to keep their websites purring.

Our Hosting service features dedicated WordPress hosting on UK-based servers faster than a Cornish pasty can cool down. Your website will be safe, secure, and as optimised as a world champion sprinter.

Why settle for back-seat hosting when you can ride in style? Let us bear the tech load while you focus on running your empire. With our Hosting service, you’re in for a smooth digital ride!


Overwhelmed with the nerdy details of maintaining your WordPress website? Let our Maintenance service come to the rescue!

Maintenance is like giving your website a day at the spa – keeping it refreshed, rejuvenated, and performing like a Broadway star. Local Businesses in the Home Services Niche, need their website hitting high notes round the clock.

Our Maintenance service is ready to step in, handling everything from plugin updates and theme facelifts to regular backups and cyber bodyguard duties. Let us worry about the technical jargon while you conquer the business world.

Why stress over maintenance when you can let us keep your site running like a dream? With our Maintenance service, your peace of mind is our top priority!

Website Development

Craving a dazzling digital presence? Our Website Development service is the genie ready to grant your wishes!

Website Development is the craft of creating a WordPress website that’s as visually pleasing as a Cornish sunset, while working as hard as a miner. For Local Businesses in the Home Services Niche, a top-notch website is a golden ticket to showcasing services and elevating their brand.

Our Website Development service will help you forge a website that’s both stunning and practical, customised to your business needs like a tailored suit. From the bespoke design and intuitive layout to seamless navigation and mobile friendliness, we cover every base to ensure your website is a crowd-pleaser.

Why settle for a ‘meh’ website when you can have an ‘OMG’? Let us sculpt you a website that drives business straight to your doorstep. With our Website Development service, your online dreams can become reality!

Mobile App Development

Dreaming of taking your business to uncharted territories with a mobile app? Our Mobile App Development service is ready to blast off!

Mobile App Development is like creating a personalised digital butler for your customers, always at their service on their mobile devices. For Local Businesses in the Home Services Niche, a mobile app can be the game-changing secret weapon you’ve been seeking.

With our Mobile App Development service, we’ll help you craft an app that’s as unique and dynamic as your business. From its design and layout to its user-friendly navigation and features, we’ve got the digital wizardry to make your app a smash hit.

Why just stick to websites when you can conquer the app world too? Let us create a mobile app that not only sets you apart from the crowd, but also puts your business right at the fingertips of your customers. With our Mobile App Development service, you’ll soon be flying high!

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