Howdy, trendsetters! Welcome to the catwalk of web design – our ‘Appearance’ training. This is the ideal spot to jazz up your site until it shines brighter than the Eden Project’s biomes. In this corner of the web, you’ll learn how to customise your website’s design, morphing it into a digital unicorn that’s as unique as your brand.

In our snappy, digestible training videos (shorter than a Cornish summer), you’ll uncover the might of themes, widgets, and menus. And trust us, they can up your website’s overall ‘oomph’ like a cream tea boosts your afternoon energy.

Fancy crafting a bespoke header that makes visitors’ jaws drop? Keen on slapping a background image that’s prettier than the views at Land’s End? Or maybe you’re itching to organise your site’s navigation until it’s smoother than a dolphins’ backflip. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got all this, and a bag of chips, covered.

So why blend in with the sea of vanilla websites when you can craft your own digital masterpiece? Let us show you how to add that sprinkle of pizzazz to your site’s look and bowl your customers over with our WordPress ‘Appearance’ Training. Let’s make the web a more beautiful place, one site at a time!


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