Hiya, my web-wrangling pals! Feeling eager to level up your WordPress wizardry? If so, make a beeline for our ‘Pages’ pitstop in the supercharged rally that is our WordPress Wonders workshop!

Pages are the digital stepping stones paving the path through your website, presenting your business and services in an organised, legible manner, crisp as a Cornish winter morning. Your “About Us” page is the handshake, your “Services” page is the sales pitch, and your “Contact” page is the ’til next time, buddy.’ Each of these pages plays an essential role, engaging your customers and gently nudging them towards conversion, much like a Cornish sheepdog herds its flock.

Our compact yet comprehensive training videos will guide you through the art of creating, editing, and managing your WordPress pages. Whether you’re rummaging through the trash (not in a seagull way, but to recover those discarded drafts) or scratching your head over the difference between posts and pages, we’re your trusty guide, armed with a digital compass and a flask of tea.

So, are you going to stand there looking as confused as a fox in a henhouse, or are you ready to join us on this wild ride? Together, let’s sculpt your website into a masterpiece that even the Eden Project would be jealous of. With our ‘Pages’ training, you won’t just be reaching for the sky; you’ll be lassoing the stars! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get stuck into creating some web wonders, future page gurus!


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