A small team with big ideas.

Welcome to Chrystopher James Marketing, the metaphorical pencil in the cosmos of marketing. We’re a band of creative, ambitious, and sometimes sarcastically hilarious professionals nestled in the heart of Cornwall, the United Kingdom. Our bread and butter? Helping local businesses and home service providers connect with their audiences in ways that result in more customers, sales, and leads.

We’re all about the journey from the mundane to the magnificent. In the same way the humble pencil trumped a million-dollar pump pen in space, our team believes in finding simple, effective, and out-of-this-world solutions to your marketing needs. After all, why opt for complication when you can stand out with the simplicity and authenticity that resonates with your audience?

Our approach to marketing is a rich blend of proven strategies, creativity, fun, and the occasional pasty. Now, before you meet the wonderful wizards of our team, take a moment to watch the video below. It’s not just a video, it’s a window into our core values, the beating heart of Chrystopher James Marketing.

Embedded in this video is a beautiful poem that encapsulates everything we stand for, and the true story of how simplicity outshone complexity in the race to space. It’s the same ethos we bring to helping your business reach for the stars. So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy the video. After all, who doesn’t love a good poem and a compelling space tale? And remember, here at Chrystopher James Marketing, we’re all about making your business the talk of the town without breaking the bank. Why? Because like that pencil in space, it’s about finding simple, creative solutions that work. Let’s make marketing a piece of scone, shall we?

Chrystopher James


Here’s Chrystopher James, our fearless leader, and a man who knows marketing like he knows his cream teas – thoroughly and with an unparalleled passion. His vision? To take your business from the depths of invisibility to the dizzying heights of online stardom. When he’s not busy making local businesses famous, you’ll find him leading the great scone debate: jam or cream first? Spoiler: In Cornwall, it’s always jam first!

K James


Ever heard of superheroes in the world of administration? No? Meet K James, the Batman of spreadsheets, and the Wonder Woman of workflow efficiency. If organisation was an Olympic sport, K James would be running laps around Usain Bolt. Forget about a tidy desk, K James ensures that our strategies and operations are tidier than a Devon cream tea (the Cornish way, of course).


Content Writer

If you think it’s easy to find a sharper, wittier content wizard than Daisy, well, good luck with that! She’s been spinning tales and lacing puns for local businesses that even the Queen’s corgis would wag their tails in approval. As our in-house Dumbledore of wordsmithery, Daisy sprinkles a little bit of magic (and a whole lot of sarcasm) into everything she does.


Content Writer

Meet Bailey, a master of juggling words in the digital circus and our in-house scribbler-in-chief. Making marketing content as delicious as a Cornish pasty is his thing. Let him loose on your business’ story, and he’ll turn it into a saga that’s more gripping than a jam first vs cream first debate. Seriously, he’s that good.

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